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Abroad with the Lockharts

Abroad with the Lockharts was a comedy series about travel and adventure. The show was broadcast briefly for 13 weeks in 1932. Nine episodes of the 13 original broadcast survived.

Abroad with the Lockharts features a married American couple planning their vacation. The strong-willed Mrs. Lockharts talks the husband Will into visiting Europe. Proud of being an American, Will believes that everything is better in America, subscribing to the stereotypes about the old world Europeans.

As Will is dragged across the continent by his enthusiastic wife, he started to see his own prejudice and appreciate the old world's rich cultural heritage. The show has the hallmarks of an early husband-wife sitcom genre, which gained tremendous popularity in the 40s and 50s. Much of the program revolves around Mrs. Lockharts’ attempts to change her unwilling husband's views and his wisecracks about her persistent efforts.

Show Name Date Aired
Planning a Trip to Europe unknown
Sailing Day unknown
At Sea unknown
Arriving in England unknown
Sight Seeing in London unknown
Sight Seeing in Paris unknown
In Rome unknown

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